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Welcome to Device Authority, a recognized global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Enterprise IoT ecosystems, automating Zero Trust security at scale.


device transactions automated by KeyScaler…and counting

Our KeyScaler® identity security platform and KeyScaler-as-a-Service (KSaaS®) allow organizations to reduce human error and accelerate incident response, minimizing risk, ensuring complete device and data trust, and enabling trusted AI in any connected environment.

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“The management of device level certificates is a complicated beast and more complex than anticipated, particularly when scaling to hundreds of thousands. As a relatively small technical team, having a SaaS solution to integrate into was a big deal!”

CISO, Healthcare manufacturer

“KeyScaler provides device security in a constructive manner. We can authenticate the devices remotely. Increase efficiency of the services and most importantly secure devices from cyber attacks.”

CTO, Energy Corporation

“Device Authority is a great company to work with. They have worked with us to resolve the issues and challenges we have faced with device security for both on-highway and off-highway implementations. Every curve ball I have thrown at them, they have managed to hit a home run for us.”

Senior Program Manager, Diesel Engine Manufacturer

“With Keyscaler, we were able to increase the efficiency of security automation and in turn increase protection from cyber attacks since we deal with a heavy amount of customer data. The efficiency of security automation is extremely good and helps deliver the required results.”

IoT Program Manager, Automotive Manufacturer

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