About the Market

About the Market

As more organizations, operations and environments become interconnected, staying informed about the latest trends is crucial for businesses looking to leverage IoT technology to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge.

Here we explore the most significant trends shaping the IoT landscape today and how we secure it, from advancements in AI and machine learning to PQ and Cyber Resilience.

The impact of AI

The speed and sophistication of AI based attacks is causing companies to look at how they can harness ‘AI for Good’ to counter the use of ‘AI for Bad’. As AI technologies proliferate, ensuring they are used ethically and securely becomes paramount and how you can trust the data becomes a crucial question. If you can’t trust the device then data trust is impossible.

Device Authority is at the forefront of this movement, providing robust security measures that protect data integrity and privacy and enabling the use of secure and trustworthy AI applications. KeyScaler AI also uses AI and Machine Learning to enhance device security, visibility, and incident response, supporting the broader goal of leveraging AI for the greater good, mitigating risks, and fostering a safer, more beneficial IoT ecosystem.

IoT/OT convergence and the changing role of the CISO

IoT/OT convergence is reshaping the landscape of industrial and operational technology, blending physical systems with digital intelligence to enhance efficiency and innovation. This integration brings new security challenges and digital adversaries can have a physical impact. CISOs are taking notice and their role is expanding from IT-focused oversight to comprehensive protection across both IT and OT environments. New regulations and expectations (i.e SEC) are also forcing them to command greater visibility of the business.

As CISOs navigate this complex landscape, ensuring robust security becomes critical to safeguarding interconnected systems. Device Authority’s KeyScaler plays a pivotal role in supporting IoT/OT convergence, providing advanced identity and access management solutions that secure devices and data across integrated IT and OT networks, ensuring a cohesive and secure operational environment.

PQ and Cyber Resilience

Post-Quantum (PQ) cryptography and cyber resilience are emerging as crucial trends in the IoT market, driven by the need to protect against future quantum computing threats. Whilst PQ is not yet mainstream, it is poised for a breakthrough and crypto agility (the ability to revoke and renew credentials at scale) is crucial.

Device Authority’s partnership with Entrust enhances this approach, leveraging advanced PQ cryptographic solutions to bolster the security and resilience of IoT infrastructures, preparing them for the quantum era.

Critical Infrastructure Security

The security of critical infrastructure has become a paramount trend in the IoT market, driven by the notable increase in attacks aimed and military and civilian infrastructure. Government-based adversaries are causing real concern and ensuring robust security measures for these systems is crucial to prevent disruptions and safeguard public safety.

Device Authority’s partnership with VIPC and its extensive partnership ecosystem enhance the security of critical infrastructure by providing advanced IoT security solutions that protect against emerging threats, ensuring the resilience and reliability of vital services.

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