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Healthcare & Medical

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is revolutionizing how we keep patients safe. IoMT-connected devices give you real-time data and notifications to identify issues with patients before they become critical.

Connecting devices, people, and systems in the medical industry saves lives. Up-to-the-second information can mean the difference between life or death, and the potential for smart medical devices to improve patient care are endless.

Securing your connected medical devices is paramount to safeguarding patient data and maintaining operational integrity. With the increasing interconnectedness in healthcare environments, the risk of cyber threats and data breaches poses significant challenges to healthcare organizations and the patients they serve.

Device Authority offers cutting-edge solutions to address these concerns head-on. By providing robust authentication, encryption, and access control mechanisms, Device Authority’s IoT security platform, KeyScaler, ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive medical data. Through comprehensive automated device identity lifecycle management, we empower healthcare providers to mitigate risks effectively and support them in their compliance with industry regulations. With Device Authority’s expertise in IoT security, medical organizations can confidently embrace technological advancements while prioritizing patient safety and privacy.

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A medical device manufacturer specializing in sterilization and surgical products requires automated Identity Lifecycle Management using x.509 certificates which must support devices connected directly to the cloud as well as offline Edge devices that connect via gateways.

Patient safety, procedure management, data security, industry compliance and cloud integration with Microsoft Azure IoT are all key requirements.


KeyScaler was implemented to provide:

  • Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) to establish device root of trust used for initial device attestation, authentication and registration
  • Automated PKI services for IoT with X.509 certificates including provisioning, rotation and revocation
  • KeyScaler Edge to support Identity Lifecycle Management for offline devices
  • KeyScaler Security Suite for Microsoft Azure for Automated Device Provisioning to Azure IoT Hub
  • Continuous Assurance and Threat Validation based on the devices’ Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to meet FDA requirements


Reduced liability, cost of operations and development

New revenue generation (DaaS)

SBOM Support


A medical device manufacturer produces surgical robots that perform joint replacement surgery in an offline setting. Each procedure requires new encryption key generation and key storage for when the robot connects via a secure connected gateway.

Sensitive medical data regarding each procedure and its results are generated and the customer must ensure it maintains data protection under HIPAA.​

Patient safety, procedure management, data security, and cloud integration are key requirements.​


KeyScaler was implemented to provide:

  • Automated Device Provisioning,  providing Secure robot registration to the device manufacturer’s cloud platform​
  • Security Suite for PTC ThingWorxwith end-to-end data security and token issuance for authentication​
  • Full Identity Lifecycle Management for online and offline devices​
  • Policy-driven end-to-end data security and integrity validation for patient data


Faster time to value

Streamlined device security

Reduced admin burden

Accelerated incident response

Minimised customer disruption

Reduced liability

Preserved brand reputation

SBOM Validation/Continuous Assurance

In response to evolving cybersecurity threats, regulatory bodies such as the White House and the EU have introduced stringent requirements to bolster national and regional cybersecurity. Find out how KeyScaler can support organizations as they navigate this shifting landscape and take a proactive approach to cybersecurity to ensure compliance and validation throughout the entire device lifecycle.

KeyScaler Edge

KeyScaler Edge extends automated identity lifecycle management and Zero Trust policy enforcement for IoT ecosystems to the Internet’s Edge, where individual devices and entire production systems may be air-gapped for security purposes or are offline with infrequent access.

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Patient safety

Patient data security

Supports compliance with latest regulations

Reduced device development cost and quicker time to market

Unified security policy

Increased IoT/OT visibility for Central IT

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