KeyScaler Edge

KeyScaler Edge

KeyScaler Edge extends automated identity lifecycle management and Zero Trust policy enforcement for IoT ecosystems to the Internet’s Edge, where individual devices and entire production systems may be air-gapped for security purposes, or be offline with infrequent access. KeyScaler Edge provides enterprise Edge security for your entire IoT security lifecycle, whether you need localized security for medical devices or security orchestration for OT devices on your factory floor.


Edge computing is common where localized processing is critical to operations, in remote locations that lack consistent connectivity to the cloud, or in mission-critical environments where direct internet access isn’t allowed for security and integrity purposes. As with all digital models, where there’s data, there’s potential for data theft or misuse.


KeyScaler Edge, a lightweight version of our KeyScaler server platform designed specifically to run in edge environments including nested edge scenarios, providing robust IoT edge security lifecycle management for your entire connected device ecosystem.

Breakthrough Technology

KeyScaler Edge provides unique to the industry, breakthrough technology for securing IoT Edge infrastructure. Whether you need localized security for connected medical devices or support for remote offline factories, our technology has everything you need to provide Zero Trust security for your Edge devices, including Nested Edge capabilities supporting the Purdue Manufacturing Model.

Key Features

Secure Certificate Provisioning & Management

Central Visibility and Control

Support Any Public and Private CA

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