KeyScaler Platform

KeyScaler Platform

KeyScaler® is a patented, industry-leading IoT device security platform that uses automation to eliminate human error, accelerate incident response, and reduce IoT risk by:

  • Securely provisioning and registering devices
  • Enforcing Zero Trust policy at the Edge, unifying IT/OT security strategy
  • Utilizing AI to provide indicators of compromise and automated responses
  • Delivering out of the box connectors to enterprise IoT platforms and services

Automating the Device Identity Lifecycle

Patented Technology

KeyScaler® uses patented technology that supports authentication of brownfield devices with inadequate security for today’s cyber threat landscape, and supports authentication of secure-by-design devices using credentials established during the manufacturing process.

Easy Integration

KeyScaler is designed to easily integrate with your existing enterprise security infrastructure including PKI platforms, Hardware Security Modules, and cloud applications. Our platform comes equipped with pre-built integrations to a rich ecosystem of security partners that are available as simple configuration options during the onboarding process.

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Key Features

Device Authentication

Data Security

Policy Management

Authorization Service Connector

Secure Asset Delivery

Internal Private PKI

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