Code Signing / Secure Updates

Code Signing / Secure Updates

Securing software and firmware updates is of critical importance for IoT devices. Unauthorized updates pose a significant threat, potentially leading to cyber-attacks with tangible consequences and legal repercussions, along with damaging brand reputation. Organizations need a standardized model for responding to device vulnerabilities at scale, without having to resort to time consuming manual update processes.

Device Authority’s Secure Updates solution provides a flexible framework to fulfill the main requirements of securing your IoT updates: source verification, integrity assurance, and access security. Updates are encrypted specifically for target devices using your preferred code signing platform, eliminating the risk of exposure to unprotected downloads. With KeyScaler, update integrity is meticulously verified, from initial code verification all the way to over the air delivery at the device level, providing comprehensive protection for your IoT devices.


The main challenge in updating IoT devices is ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the software running on connected devices. Without adequate protection, IoT devices are vulnerable to unauthorized modifications or malicious tampering, which can compromise their functionality and pose significant security risks to the network and its users.


The solution to this challenge lies in implementing code signing and secure update mechanisms for IoT devices. Code signing involves digitally signing software binaries with cryptographic keys to verify their authenticity and integrity. By signing software updates before deployment, manufacturers can ensure that only authorized and unaltered code is installed on IoT devices, reducing the risk of malware injection or unauthorized modifications.

Secure update mechanisms allow IoT devices to receive and install software updates securely, without exposing them to potential security threats. This may involve encrypting update packages, verifying their authenticity using digital signatures, and employing secure communication protocols to transmit updates over the network. Additionally, secure update mechanisms should include mechanisms for rollback and recovery in case of failed updates or compatibility issues.

By implementing code signing and secure update mechanisms, organizations can safeguard IoT devices against unauthorized modifications and ensure the integrity of their software ecosystem. This not only enhances the security posture of IoT deployments but also helps to maintain the trust of users and stakeholders in the reliability and security of connected devices

Key Benefits

Software ecosystem integrity

Enhanced security posture

User and stakeholder protection and trust

Reduced liability

Preserved brand reputation

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