Key Management for Automotive Supply Chain

Key Management for Automotive Supply Chain

Unlocking Automotive Security: KeyScaler’s Automated Security Key Management Solution

In the fast-paced and highly interconnected automotive supply chain, ensuring end-to-end security is paramount. KeyScaler offers a proven solution for automated security key management, empowering automotive manufacturers and suppliers to protect sensitive data and critical systems with ease and efficiency.

Secure Key Generation, Storage and Distribution


Device Authority and Entrust partnered to provide solutions to a global manufacturer of automotive components that has multiple secure manufacturing lines that require a Key Distribution and Management System and PKI service to provision digital certificates to each OEM.

This manufacturer needed to be able to securely transport keys from the OEM delivery service to the remote factories. These keys are injected directly into the OEM’s vehicle electronic components, which are then distributed to end customers for inclusion in their finished automotive products. Those finished products needed to be able to close the loop with the initial key provider for auditing purposes.



Device Authority’s KeyScaler and Entrust PKI were implemented to provide:

  • A hybrid and high scale PKI service to provision digital certificates as a trusted identity, unique to each OEM
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management capabilities to reduce management overheads and risk
  • Device Identity management via the use of Device Authority’s Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology
  • KeyScaler, a key distribution and management solution backed by the PKI, to securely transport keys from the OEMs of production equipment to remote factories worldwide
  • Policy-driven Encryption with granular read/write access permissions HSM Access Control for integration with third-party
  • HSM for secure and automated key generation and storage using HSM
  • Key generation and usage reporting for auditing


Faster time to value

Streamlined device security

Reduced admin burden

Reduced liability

Accelerated incident response


Managing cryptographic keys for connected devices in the automotive supply chain poses challenges due to complexity and scale, security risks, interoperability issues, lifecycle management complexities, compliance and regulatory requirements, supply chain integrity concerns, and resource constraints. The vast and diverse network of devices, suppliers, and stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem complicates key management practices, increasing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, tampering, and malicious attacks. Inadequate key management practices can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems, exposing the automotive supply chain to security vulnerabilities, compliance violations, counterfeit products, unauthorized modifications, and supply chain attacks, while limited resources, budget constraints, and expertise in cryptographic key management and cybersecurity further hinder the implementation of robust key management practices and security controls across the supply chain.


  1. Automated Key Lifecycle Management: Streamline key generation, distribution, rotation, and revocation processes with KeyScaler’s automated identity lifecycle management capabilities. Ensure that cryptographic keys used to secure communications, authenticate devices, and encrypt data are managed securely and efficiently throughout their lifecycle.


  1. Centralized Key Repository: Consolidate all cryptographic keys used across the automotive supply chain in a centralized key repository within KeyScaler. Maintain visibility and control over key usage, access rights, and audit trails, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


  1. Role-Based Access Controls: Implement granular access controls to restrict access to cryptographic keys based on user roles, responsibilities, and organizational hierarchy. Ensure that only authorized individuals or systems can access and manage cryptographic keys, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and misuse.


  1. Integration with Automotive Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate KeyScaler with existing automotive systems, applications, and devices to ensure compatibility and interoperability. KeyScaler supports industry-standard protocols and interfaces, enabling frictionless integration with automotive supply chain management systems, manufacturing processes, and IoT devices.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Security

Operational Efficiency

Compliance Assurance

Scalability and Flexibility

KeyScaler’s automated security management solution

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