PAM for IoT

PAM for IoT

Privileged Access Management (PAM) has emerged as a critical pillar in safeguarding interconnected devices and networks. In the dynamic landscape of IoT, where billions of devices communicate and exchange data autonomously, the need to manage privileged access has never been more paramount.


In partnership with CyberArk, Device Authority’s PAM for IoT solution addresses the unique challenges posed by the vast array of interconnected devices, ensuring that only authorized entities can access sensitive resources and perform privileged actions. By implementing robust access controls, monitoring mechanisms, and automated workflows, PAM for IoT enables organizations to fortify their security posture, mitigate risks, and safeguard critical assets from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

The integration between CyberArk and Device Authority KeyScaler provides a unique, best in class solution to Enterprise IoT Access Management at scale. It enables organizations to control the authorization of connected devices in their network via a device centric identity model, enhancing identity governance by extending CyberArk Privileged Access Management to IoT devices, and strengthening an organizations Zero Trust by automating password rotation and security policies.


The growing number of connected devices within enterprises requires a secure method for automating access and information exchange without human intervention, eliminating costly mistakes. As with human identities, the ability to continuously monitor and control access to these devices and their data is key to achieving Zero Trust, reducing the network’s vulnerability to cyber-attack.


Integration of KeyScaler with CyberArk

The integration with KeyScaler extends the benefits of Privileged Access Management to IoT ecosystems, enabling organizations to automate the complexities of monitoring and controlling access to devices within their connected environment. Through this integration critical security policy is automatically enforced at a granular level for both the user and device without the need for manual human processes, which are time consuming and prone to error.

  • Simplify provisioning and management of IoT device identities to control access into Enterprise Applications such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
  • Automate Security Lifecycle Management, including zero touch renewal of credentials for headless IoT Devices
  • Create authorization policies and groups for IoT Devices, allowing authorization of devices into multiple environments at a granular level ​
  • Automate rotation of credentials via Secure Asset Transfer scripts delivered securely to the device
  • Direct KeyScaler integration with CyberArk for a single pane of glass user experience

Key benefits

Simplified provisioning and management of device identities

Automated lifecycle management

Robust access controls

Data protection

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