Connected Vehicle

Connected Vehicle

Securing the Future of Connected Vehicles with KeyScaler


As vehicles become increasingly connected, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. KeyScaler offers a comprehensive solution for connected vehicle security, providing automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, and service providers with the tools and capabilities needed to protect vehicles, drivers, and passengers from cyber threats.

PKI Management For Connected Cars


A major vehicle manufacturer utilizes PKI Certificates for vehicle identity, authentication to network services, and data encryption. ​Throughout the vehicle’s lifetime ownership needs to be securely transferred if the vehicle is sold or leased to a new owner, requiring a new certificate to be securely provisioned to the vehicle. ​

This requires PKI-based security and Automated Identity Lifecycle Management for the vehicle and its connected applications.​



Device Authority’s KeyScaler is used to provide:

  • PKI Services for IoT with Automated Identity Lifecycle Management including certificate provisioning, renewals, and revocations for connected vehicles​
  • KeyScaler trust anchor technology for vehicle Telematics Control Unit (TCU)​
  • KeyScaler Security Suite for automated integration with Microsoft Azure IoT and Connected Vehicle Platforms​


Leverages existing PKI investment

Simplified security supply chain

Enables secure ownership transfer


Securing connected vehicles poses complex security challenges stemming from vulnerabilities across various entry points, such as infotainment systems and wireless interfaces, which cybercriminals can exploit to compromise vehicle safety and performance. These challenges include software and firmware vulnerabilities, inadequate authentication and authorization mechanisms, insufficient encryption and data protection measures, and privacy concerns surrounding the collection and sharing of sensitive vehicle data. Additionally, the lack of secure update mechanisms and supply chain risks further exacerbate security vulnerabilities, necessitating a comprehensive approach to connected vehicle security encompassing robust cybersecurity measures, secure software development practices, strong authentication and access controls, encryption solutions, privacy-enhancing technologies, and supply chain security measures to mitigate risks and safeguard the integrity and security of connected vehicle systems and data


KeyScaler’s connected vehicle security solution provides automotive stakeholders with the confidence and peace of mind needed to embrace the future of mobility. With KeyScaler, you can drive innovation, collaboration, and trust in a connected and digital automotive ecosystem while ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of connected vehicles and their occupants.


  1. Secure Identity and Access Management: KeyScaler enables secure authentication and authorization of connected vehicles and onboard systems. Utilizing advanced identity management protocols, KeyScaler ensures that only authorized entities can access vehicle resources and functionalities.


  1. End-to-End Encryption: Protect sensitive data transmitted between connected vehicles, backend servers, and external services with end-to-end encryption. KeyScaler utilizes industry-standard encryption algorithms and secure communication protocols to safeguard data integrity and confidentiality, preventing unauthorized access and tampering.


  1. Remote Key Management: Simplify the management of cryptographic keys used to secure vehicle communications and operations with KeyScaler’s remote key management capabilities. Automate key generation, distribution, rotation, and revocation processes to ensure that keys are managed securely and efficiently throughout their lifecycle.


  1. Compliance and Regulatory Compliance: Assist compliance with automotive industry regulations, cybersecurity standards, and data protection laws with KeyScaler’s built-in reporting features. Maintain audit trails of security events, access logs, and key management activities to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Vehicle Security

Improved Data Security

Operational Efficiency

Compliance Assurance

Future-Proof Scalability

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