PKI Automation for IoT

PK Automation for IoT

Automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) serves as the cornerstone of IoT Security, leveraging a proven set of technologies that have long addressed identity, authentication, integrity, and privacy challenges across the Internet and Cloud. Through standards-based PKI certificates or tokens, trust is established for devices, data, and inter-machine connections. However, in the realm of IoT deployments, relying solely on certificates proves insufficient in handling the nuanced layers of authorization, role-based policies, and intricate data flows, especially at the Internet’s Edge.

Automated PKI services tailored explicitly for IoT devices is the most viable solution for establishing the requisite trust in both devices and data for IoT environments. Device Authority KeyScaler brings PKI automation for IoT deployments by simplifying the initial attestation and authorization processes for devices, furnishing them with standards-compliant x.509 Certificates, eliminating weak credentials, and enforcing Zero Trust policies across the device identity lifecycle – all without human intervention. Moreover, with KeyScaler Edge, organizations can extend these capabilities to Edge gateways or other devices operating offline or with sporadic internet connectivity.

PKI Management For Connected Cars Global Energy Provider Reduces Complexity and Achieves 278% ROI


A major vehicle manufacturer utilizes PKI Certificates for vehicle identity, authentication to network services, and data encryption. ​Throughout the vehicle’s lifetime ownership needs to be securely transferred if the vehicle is sold or leased to a new owner, requiring a new certificate to be securely provisioned to the vehicle. ​

This requires PKI-based security and Automated Identity Lifecycle Management for the vehicle and its connected applications.​



Device Authority’s KeyScaler is used to provide: ​

  • PKI Services for IoT with Automated Identity Lifecyle Management including certificate provisioning, renewals, and revocations for connected vehicles​
  • KeyScalertrust anchor technology for vehicle Telematics Control Unit (TCU)​
  • KeyScalerSecurity Suite for automated integration with Microsoft Azure IoT and Connected Vehicle Platforms​


Leverages existing PKI investment

Simplified security supply chain

Enables secure ownership transfer


Device Authority was chosen by a global energy provider to implement Identity Lifecycle Management for their connected refinery infrastructure. Wanting to leverage Microsoft Azure solutions and connect their Corporate PKI for Enterprise Security consistency however there was an inherent level of complexity involved as they tried to formulate an enhanced Nested Edge deployment which could have proved costly.



Device Authority KeyScaler was used to provide:

  • Reduced complexity – Built-in connectors to leverage Corporate PKI while using the KeyScaler software infrastructure to automate, validate and sign certificate chain down to Leaf devices
  • Increased visibility – Ability to visualize the certificate, certificate policy and certificate validity across the entire device stack down to the Leaf device
  • Enterprise compliance – No compromise to the corporate policy with consistency of PKI across all aspects of the business



saving across 3 years

Reduced error rates

Faster time to response

Enhanced IoT device visibility


The main challenge in IoT security is efficiently managing the lifecycle of cryptographic certificates used to secure device communications. Without automation, manual certificate management becomes burdensome and error-prone, hindering scalability and increasing security risks.


The solution to this challenge lies in PKI automation for IoT. By automating certificate provisioning, renewal, and revocation processes, organizations can streamline operations, ensure certificate compliance, and enhance overall security posture. Automated PKI systems simplify certificate management tasks, enabling seamless integration with IoT device provisioning workflows and reducing the administrative overhead associated with manual certificate management.


Overall, PKI automation for IoT provides a scalable and efficient solution to the challenge of managing cryptographic certificates, helping organizations maintain robust security practices and safeguard IoT deployments against potential vulnerabilities

Key benefits

Eliminate human error


Streamlined and
efficient operations

Support compliance

Enhanced security posture

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