Convergence and Collaboration: A Tale of Two Summits Unveiling Device Authority’s Global Triumphs in 2024


Convergence and Collaboration: A Tale of Two Summits Unveiling Device Authority’s Global Triumphs in 2024

12 March 2024 seperator dot

In a testament to the power of global collaboration, Device Authority recently witnessed the convergence of its US and UK teams in two distinct yet complementary gatherings. Amy Chu, VP Customer Success, chronicles the enriching experiences of the US team’s face-to-face summit, while Darren Cubbage, Engineering Manager, provides insights into the unity and inspiration emanating from the 2024 UK Company Get-Together. These parallel events, occurring on different continents, reflect the shared commitment and strategic vision propelling Device Authority into a year of unprecedented growth and innovation.

Strengthening Connection for Growth – Amy Chu’s Perspective

By Amy Chu, VP Customer Success

In the world of virtual collaboration, organizing an in-person summit for the Device Authority US Team felt truly special. After months of virtual meetings, I saw how important face-to-face connections are. The summit had clear goals: build team spirit, continue to evolve our customer-centric strategy, and get aligned on product development. With shared meals, socializing, and focused discussions, the US Team strengthened bonds and set a clear path for the year ahead. The mix of personal connections and tangible results from our collaboration paved the way for growth and success in the coming year.

A Day of Unity and Inspiration – Darren Cubbage’s Perspective

By Darren Cubbage, Engineering Manager

Under the Device Authority umbrella, the UK team recently came together for a day that was more than just your typical company gathering. It was a day filled with unity, inspiration, and strategic vision. We kicked off with a trip down memory lane, led by Darron Antill, who shared Device Authority’s journey from its beginnings to its growth over the past 7 years. Presentations from Claire Tennant on the company’s marketing plans and James Penney on the technical roadmap followed. Insights from Dave Palmer of 1011, discussions led by Ben Benson on KsaaS, and plans to continue to develop product demonstrations and further improve customer support highlighted our commitment to growth. The post-event social gathering wasn’t just about unwinding; it was an opportunity to strengthen bonds that will drive Device Authority’s success in the year ahead.

As Amy and I reflect on our respective gatherings, we can both agree that the overarching narrative is one of unity, inspiration, and strategic direction that define Device Authority’s triumphs in 2024.