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In industrial manufacturing settings, the convergence of OT and IoT technologies has ushered in a new era of interconnectedness and automation, driving efficiencies, innovation, competitive edge and commercial advantage.

Connected Pharmaceutical Factory Secure Connected Factory Secure Key Generation, Storage and Distribution


A major global pharmaceutical company upgraded its connected factories as part of a digital transformation strategy. Their new Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Gateway infrastructure requires a robust and automated Identity Lifecycle Management solution utilizing x.509 certificates to provide device and data protection which presents challenges when connecting both online and offline Edge devices in a nested parent-child configuration to the Cloud.


KeyScaler was implemented to provide:

  • Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) to establish device root of trust and enable Automated Device Provisioning
  • PKI Services to integrate with existing corporate PKI utiizing x.509 certificates
  • KeyScaler Edge to enable full Identity Lifecycle Management for multi-layer IoT Edge Nested Gateways and leaf devices
  • KeyScaler Security Suite for Microsoft Azure to integrate with Azure IoT Hub


Faster time to value

Reduced admin burden

Accelerated Incident Response


A global manufacturer of motion control systems was experiencing unpredictable downtime across its factory locations which was disrupting their end customers’ supply chain. ​
They wanted to improve OEE by digitizing the plant floor and installing smart sensors to automate monitoring of production systems to spot errors and determine when equipment needs maintenance. ​
These sensors and production systems need to be protected from outside threats, as any disruption to the manufacturing process costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per day and if exploited, valuable proprietary data can be lost or compromised.​


KeyScaler was deployed with the following benefits:

  • Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology established root of trust and enabled automated crypto-key generation at each authentication session.
  • Zero touch device provisioning and registration with Microsft Azure IoT Hub
  • Automated Device Identity Lifecycle Management for all production assets and monitoring of devices on the factory floor using x.509 certificates from their existing PKI provider
  • KeyScaler Edge enabled the management of offline devices connecting via secure Edge gateways


Trustworthy and reliable data

Accelerated incident response

Minimized customer disruption

Reduced liability

Minimized downtime from device quarantining 

Improved OEE by 5-8%


Device Authority and Entrust partnered to provide solutions to a global manufacturer of automotive components that has multiple secure manufacturing lines that require a Key Distribution and Management System and PKI service to provision digital certificates to each OEM.
This manufacturer needed to be able to securely transport keys from the OEM delivery service to the remote factories. These keys are injected directly into the OEM’s vehicle electronic components, which are then distributed to end customers for inclusion in their finished automotive products. Those finished products needed to be able to close the loop with the initial key provider for auditing purposes.


Device Authority’s KeyScaler and Entrust PKI were implemented to provide:

  • A hybrid and high scale PKI service to provision digital certificates as a trusted identity, unique to each OEM
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management capabilities to reduce management overheads and risk
  • Device Identity management via the use of Device Authority’s Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology
  • KeyScaler, a key distribution and management solution backed by the PKI, to securely transport keys from the OEMs of production equipment to remote factories worldwide
  • Policy-driven Encryption with granular read/write access permissions HSM Access Control for integration with third-party
  • HSM for secure and automated key generation and storage using HSM
  • Key generation and usage reporting for auditing


Faster time to value

Streamlined device security reducing admin burden

Accelerated incident response and reduced liability

Connected Factory

KeyScaler is the ultimate IoT/OT security solution designed to secure connected factories and ensure uninterrupted operations. Learn more about how it enables enhanced security, operational efficiency, scalability and flexibility and supports compliance readiness.

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KeyScaler Edge

KeyScaler Edge extends automated identity lifecycle management and Zero Trust policy enforcement for IoT ecosystems to the Internet’s Edge, where individual devices and entire production systems may be air-gapped for security purposes, or be offline with infrequent access.

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Benefits at a glance

Protect your organization from corporate espionage, process disruption, and sensitive IP and data theft

Scale your business and reduce development costs by creating secure-by-design IoT devices

Automate compliance, reduce your labour costs, and abide by industrial regulatory laws

Simplify configuration and policy management with our user-friendly control panel

Protect your reputation and reduces communications and PR costs associated with cyber incidents

Enable IoT/OT Convergence

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